Artistic Bent

my four sisters

my four sisters by Rick Mobbs a visual prompt.

Clutching still beating hearts painted them staring at a past they wanted to forget. Together in my mind created a foreground of dark clouds and emotion; an inside out view. If you turn yourself around and sit in the boat bobbing in the pulsing surf, the faces will be blank. The dresses will be open to the waist an offering to the sea in hopes they will return to suckle once more.

Perhaps you know them; call them sirens or banshees, but I call them, my sisters.

By Rose Dewy Knickers, August 7th, 2008

15 thoughts on “Artistic Bent

  1. I love the idea of the shirts open to the waist, too.

    And by the way, Rose, I can paint them, but knowing how to make a living from them is another story… maybe one day.

  2. I love the surprise of what might be on the other side of those demure backs…. it reminds me of a time when a friend of mine was working in a job that required her to dress very conservatively and boringly, and she commented that she felt very dull and asexual. So I suggested she should get some fancy underwear to wear to work – and apparently it did indeed make a difference to the way she felt!

    Not really a comment on the poem, which I did like – but a story I felt you’d enjoy, Ms Dewy Knickers! 😉

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  4. “Artistic Bent” caused me to stop and ponder on this . . . the older I become, the more aware I become that just about all my memories lie behind me with few new ones lying in wait. I will use “Artistic Bent” to help me send dark clouds of past unhappy years scudding back to where they came, and all emotional regrets to find their way out to sea and to a final burial.

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