Such a childish word, toys: vignettes of bows and camouflage, scraped knees and muddy clothes. The largest part of growing-up is abandoning play and fun for the serious business of life. Then, for the rest of our days, we spend money and time attempting to recapture the guileless ease with which a child bonds with their toys.



6 thoughts on “Playing

  1. i think we force ourselves to grow up way too soon.. maybe we should all keep playing with toys and making believe a whole lot longer….

  2. it’s finding that balance of being grown up and responsible when you have to and being a little girl when you want to 😉

  3. Tumblewords would like to be a child again. What a wonderful childhood she must have had. Now my childhood was probably an ordinary one, most of the time, but no way could I be persuaded to relive it. I rather agree with Ann. I like being the grownup that I am, but I find a great deal of pleasure in such things as discovering the beauty in the blossoms resembling minature violets, blue cornflowers and tiny yellow daises bedecking the weeds that fight for their right for space in my front and back yard. As long as I live here, they are safe with me. I don’t have dandelions so I can’t make chains of them or use their hollow stems for blowing bubbles, but if I ever get north in the spring time, I just might revert to childhood for an hour or so.

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