Such a nice

Three Word Wednesday


“What they all say”

It’s true. Such a nice ____ is always spoken with a tone of regret and bewilderment. He/She would never have done such a thing! [Spoken as the blood is still dripping from the knife] It must be a mistake! [Stated as the dismembered corpse tumbles out of the refrigerator] Someone must have broke in and stashed that thing! [Pointed out the damage as proof of claim]

Perhaps it was a lovers’ quarrel after the soup and before the meat. Or maybe it was a stranger lured home after meeting for drinks. Was it in broad daylight walking down the sidewalk? It could have been in the dead of night seized from sleep.

The neighbors claimed to have heard nothing, nothing unusual, but then again, He/She was well known to have played movies at high volume, the screams audible for all to hear and complain to the management. A clever plot or simply expedience? Were the parties merely random or a process of elimination to find the right one?

Who can really say what drives the knife. Once alive now only a corpse. The damage has just begun.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

By Rose Dewy Knickers, October 29th, 2008

When friends argue

Three Word Wednesday.



“The difference between you and I is that you have no center,” she said with a stern voice.

“That’s crap and you know it. Ever since you went to that retreat you’re a different person,” I sharply retorted.

“I am the same person I was before, merely more rounded and aware,” she complained.

“That is not true. All you talk about is how the retreat made you suffer,” I complained peevishly.

“Why is that bad? I did suffer and ache every evening from the exertions of contemplation,” she rejoined.

“You call meditation an exertion? Please! I run ten miles every day and you don’t hear me whining about the aches and pains,” I forcefully stated.

“Which proves my point. You run to escape the truth of your existence instead of centering and letting life flow through you,” she serenely replied.

“I give up. There’s no reasoning with you. Are you going to finish that cheesecake?” I hungrily asked.

“Hell yes! Get your own dessert you greedy mooch,” she said with a laugh.

“Some friend you are! I thought we shared everything?” I pouted.

“That’s another difference between you and I,” she smugly responded.

“Oh?” I questioned.

“I finish what I start,” she said and popped the last crumb of cheesecake in her mouth. “You get the check.”

By Rose Dewy Knickers, October 22nd, 2008

Politics of Revenge

Three Word Wednesday


To listen to the financial experts making money is effortless. All it takes is leverage and a willing party to buy the investment you’ve created out of nothing. Nothing that is but the jobs and homes of those workers who are now unemployed and in foreclosure. It is tempting to be vindictive and punish those who created the economic crisis that currently is engulfing the world. But before you thrash the politicians, the regulators, the speculators and the bankers for the excesses being revealed on a daily basis, remember that the consumer has a role in this as well. Cheap credit once again became license to spend far beyond most workers means and gave reason for companies to flood stores with goods. With credit now drying up both companies and consumers are faced with the stark realization that spending must shrink dramatically and therefore so must lifestyles. Before you launch into this year’s politics of revenge look first to your neighbors and friends and help where you can.




Three Word Wednesday


With deliberate calm Rose had sauntered towards the infatuated couple reclining on the park bench. Young, healthy, their vibrant blood would nourish her will for another night of pleasure and pain. Or would have had he not chosen to intervene and warn them to run. They had not believed until his fangs glinted in the full moonlight and heard her promises of ultimate bliss. For this night Rose would let them go and instead seek him as he tried to lure her back to his side once again.

By Rose Dewy Knickers, October 1st, 2008