‘Farewell to Love’

“Knickers Abroad; a multiple journey”


Rose D. Kaye

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Chapter Eighteen

‘Farewell to Love’

We took the Northern line back to Bank where we transferred to the Central line for our last ride home. We hugged Drizel, misty eyed, but realistic, and wished her well. Waving goodbye we faced forward as you must when parting from loved ones.

To every greeting there is a farewell. Time is an arrow shooting holes in the fabric that swathes true friends. No matter how frantically we sew the rents in the cloak of love, time is constantly unraveling our life’s thread.

So stop. Stop trying.

Stop trying to rethread the loom. Life will happen to you no matter how much you try to avoid living.

So stop. Stop dying.

Stop dying every day and instead live every second with passion and awe towards the incredible power of love.

“Quantum Ghosts”

pale traces left behind
thoughts, looks, touches
layered sediment of existence
to slice through a core
countless others before
their hopes crumble
dreams melt exposed
foam churns echoes
yet another coat
painting the quantum ghosts

© Rose Dewy Knickers

“Ann, to every meeting there is a parting, and after ten days, your guests were preparing to leave. First of all, had this holiday met with your expectations or was it something more?”

“You know, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I always say if you expect nothing then you won’t be disappointed, which is quite a tough philosophy to live by because life is full of let downs, but this wasn’t one of them. Dewy, I would never have invited them if I didn’t believe there was already a connection; our meeting was something that was bound to happen, something that was meant to be. We must have spoken on the telephone at least once a week, or even more, during the previous year. For me, it was like meeting old friends… well I’m old, not them, they’re young.”

“I know from Rose’s perspective, you have a very young heart. She really enjoyed how much zest and pep you have. I know this holiday was beyond anything we could have dreamed. I am sure you concur Ann.”

“Dewy, their holiday surpassed my dreams. My initial concern was to make them feel comfortable and welcome in my home; that they should feel my home was their home and that they could make themselves at home. Secondly, wanting to make sure they had a great time; their holiday became mine too. I took time off work and did the touristy things with them; the things that locals don’t have the time or necessarily the mindset to do when caught up in everyday life. It was fun. I like fun. I now have the most wonderful memories of the things we shared, the places we visited, the conversations we had. I still picture them around the house. I remember their laughter when I very seriously told them I wanted to keep them hostage and not let them go, but nothing lasts for ever, least of all holidays; all good things must come to an end.”

“Meeting Rose and seeing her constantly writing in her journal, did you have any idea it would turn into this book?”

“I loved watching Rose writing in her little notebook and wondering what she was up to. She did share her thoughts and her words and you could see a pattern emerging, but it was still very raw. Her excitement and her enthusiasm were so appealing, particularly when she met her fellow blogging poets. Dewy, I had no real idea how she was going to handle her book; I thought maybe a diary of daily events and innermost thoughts and witty observations. Rose is truly amazing; life can’t be easy for her. She is incredibly intelligent, smart and sharp with a very strong mind of her own and I think her writing just gets better and better. I am truly impressed with everything she’s achieved, especially this book. I’m hope she gets the recognition and success she deserves. Dewy, Rose is one very, very sassy girl.”

“Diane seems to have been folded into your family effortlessly. What drew you to her Ann? What traits allowed you to love her so unabashedly?”

“Diane has to be one of the sweetest people I have ever met Dewy, but that’s not to say she’s a pushover. She is wonderful company and has a great take on life. She has been through the wars one way or another, but takes on each new battle with stoicism and determination. Rose may think she’s sassy, well so is Diane; she has a fantastic way with words, she’s very quick witted and I loved, and laughed at, some of her turns of phrase. It’s easy to be drawn to Diane… anyone would be.”

“Saying goodbye to Brian must have been hard. Did you wish that the ten days were much longer?”

“Saying goodbye to Brian was hard and I wished the ten days could have been forever. Does that sufficiently answer your question Dewy? No, I didn’t think so! Dewy, our friendship began when I surfed and found his poetry, but no place to comment. However, no shrinking violet, Brian’s email address was in his profile. I had to write to praise his work, I couldn’t possibly read it and ignore it… also I had to ask, “Who are you?” Innocent enough you would think, but who would have ever thought we would have come this far. Brian and I share amazing conversations where we comfortably talk about anything and everything. He is a very interesting and an erudite man, with a wealth of knowledge he willingly shares. I don’t think I ever come off the phone without learning something new. Yeah, it was horribly hard and sad to say goodbye, but it’s not a last goodbye, it really is au revoir, until we meet again. I believe, no, I know, that was merely the first time. We will see each other again, won’t we?”

“My last question for you Ann is simple. If you had a poem that summed up the holiday, would this be the one you choose?”

“Yes Dewy, this poem is the holiday for me.”

“The Only Way”

Day dawned ordained

Long distance strangers

Each existence unknown

Hand of fate played

Poetic words connected

Enquiring thoughts exchanged

Denial powerless

Closeness beckoned

Magnets pulled unseen bond

No choice

It had to be… fascinated

Their word; they had to meet

Curious, compelled

Searching each other

Voyage of discovery was hers

Greeted two bodies

Three souls, two beating hearts

Three minds, four friends side by side

Barriers down

No more mere words alone

Real flesh and blood, to touch, to hold

Their lives distinct

Knowledge, wisdom diverse

New experiences taught, learnt

Initial steps stumbled

Acquaintances to friends to beyond

Long, deep, enduring, indestructible bond

© Ann Raven

“Thank you Ann for your time on my show. I have come to a better understanding of your relationship with all of us. Thanks also to my special remote guests Jo and Drizel. Thanks to Rethabile as well and best wishes for a peaceful resolution. Diane, what can I say? You have a pure soul and a warm heart. It’s been an honor having you grace my stage. Brian as well, it was all right having you here; don’t get a swelled head. Lastly, dear Rose. We did it, you and I; we pulled it off. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Dewy Knickers signing off. Until the next time, keep flashing those knickers and living and laughing.”

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